Going Green for Your Perth Home – And Save Money

Solar power in Perth is growing at an astounding rate. It is amazing that almost every one that you talk to recently in Western Australia are extremely interested in looking at the many different ways of not only saving money but having a positive outlook as to how they are able to contribute to reducing their affect on the environment.

Firstly when looking at the main priority for many families of trying to reduce the ever increasing expenses of running a house hold in today’s economy, converting to solar power is a method that is very high on many people’s list of priorities. One of the most expensive costs for Australian home owners these days is their electricity and other utilities accounts. It is also an area because of privatization has seen unbelievable rises in the price of energy supply, with the traditional energy providers locking in significant price rises in both the supply charge, and the cents per Megajoule charge every quarter.

But with the investment and installation of a quality Perth solar Panels system a homeowner can immediately reduce their monthly electricity bill to $0 which protects them from being at the mercy of the energy companies continual price rises. Although there is an up front financial commitment to install the system, with current annual electricity expenses running at up to $2000, it would only take 2 to 3 years to cover the initial outlay from negating their monthly power bills. Plus there is the added benefit of increasing the capital value of their properties when they want to sell. It is common knowledge that if a property on the real estate market has been fitted with solar power and ideally solar hot water, this is extremely attractive to potential purchasers as they know that the monthly running expenses for the house will be hugely decreased. Companies such as solaireconnect.com.au can provide excellent service and advice for Perth residents interested in solar energy conversion.

The second and maybe more interesting motivation that is being observed in WA is the general population is becoming increasingly aware and in turn taking action in doing something positive about climate change. Along with recycling and other behaviors that have been growing over the last decade, the converting to solar energy is a way that the home owner at the grass roots level can do something very proactive in the campaign to reduce their carbon footprint significantly.

So therefore the pluses for converting a Perth property to solar power and hot water has never been more positive, both financially and environmentally.


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